Glasgow's Regular, Wednesday Tango Classes and Masterclasses


Shona and Alistair offer regular weekly classes at three levels for beginners, improvers and intermediates. Glasgow Tango also has monthly masterclasses led by the very wonderful Jenny and Ricardo Oria.

Our weekly classes are developed in collaboration with Jenny and Ricardo with new ideas continually added to the mix. The latest Beginners series started on 18 April 2018. Another new course will start in September and booking is essential. Gift vouchers are available for a course of classes. Email us at for more information. We also run free Taster classes several times a year.

Alistair and Shona are key movers on Glasgow's tango scene. They have studied with Jenny and Ricardo since 2003. Like their mentors, they both believe passionately in tango as an enjoyable social dance for all. In classes Shona makes use of her extensive personal study of tango techniques and issues of style to provide clear and detailed explanations. Alistair draws on his musical background making the all important connections between the music and the dance.

Beginner (8.30-9.25)

The self-contained Beginners course is designed to get you up and dancing the basics of tango. A new course started mid April and the next course begins in mid September and pre-booking is essential. You do not need to bring a partner, although it helps. We do our very best to balance numbers at the classes, however, please book early to avoid disappointment. The complete course costs £65 (£55 concessions). Contact Alistair at for more information and to book a place.

Improver (7.30-8.25)

Improvers level builds on the beginners level and much more. It includes an introduction to the two other great tango dances; the milonga and the vals. Improver's will learn new 'moves,' and new aspects of tango technique and musicality. Improvers unfolds over several terms. Dancers often stay with improvers for over a year. Sometimes, more advanced dancers come along to fine-tune their fundamentals too. Payment is weekly and does not require booking. £6.50 (£5.50 concession)

Intermediate (6.30-7.25)

Intermediate level is for dancers with more than a year's experience of regular tango. Intermediates have a good grasp of the basics and are secure in their technique. They are looking for new challenges and a more refined sense of style and expression. The programme is a structured progression from the Improver level. £6.50 (£5.50 concessions)


There is a discounted rate of £10.00 (£8.50 concessions) for dancers taking both Intermediate and Improver classes.

Workshops with Jenny and Ricardo Oria

Special workshops:

We run occasional workshops with the wonderful Jenny and Ricardo Oria. Look out for details!

Jenny and Ricardo Oria have been hugely influential in the development of tango in Glasgow. They have been dancing and teaching together since 2002 and have forged an international reputation. They dance creatively: moved and inspired by the music and the subtle, yet powerful conversation within the tango embrace. They have extensive teaching experience, offering the best they can to their students, and approaching every class with joy. When teaching tango, Jenny and Ricardo emphasise the importance of gaining a sense of your partner, a sense of yourself and a sense of the music.
For information on their tours, classes and tango holidays, visit their website at

Free Tango Tasters

Our Free Tango Tasters are for those that think tango could be the best fun on four legs but need some proof. We offer an hour long class which covers the very basics and also gives an insight into the music of tango from its earliest days right up to the present day. We offer tasters two or three times year, roughly corresponding to the start of the school terms in Glasgow. The next Free Taster will be on Wednesday 20 September at 7.30pm, at Notre Dame Primary School.