Tango in Glasgow

The Tango

Tango is rooted in the cultural melting pot of early 20th Century Argentina. It is an exciting, improvised social dance with limitless possibilities. There is a wealth of music from the early years of tango to contemporary electro-tango (Gotan Project, Bajofondo Tango Club) via Astor Piazzolla, and a range of dancing styles to match. Glasgow Tango's classes concentrate on salon style tango. Elegant and versatile, it is danced everywhere from downtown Buenos Aires to Tokyo and, of course, in Glasgow.

Tango In and Around Glasgow

Glasgow has a friendly social tango scene with weekly and monthly opportunities for social dance as well as grander tango balls. Glasgow Tango organises a regular Valentine's and Winter ball, often with live music and performances by professional dancers. These are swanky affairs, but we also have our Sunday Tango Teas four or five times a year. We like to think they are the west of Scotland's most friendly and laid-back milongas, with good food, music and dance. Whatever the tango event, beginners are welcome and we encourage our students to put their new found skills into action on the city's tango floors. There are also milongas a short hop away in Paisley and Stirling. It is worth popping over to the Tango in Glasgow website to get a fuller picture of what is going on.